Letters and writing

Writing-one of the fundamentals of communication- has first emerged for the
purpose of recording and transferring information in ancient times. In the prehistoric
period, primarily ceramic has been preferred as a material of writing appliance,
owing to its suitability of use and permanence. In the course of time, lettering has
turned in to a visual material and its medium of use became broader in the ceramics
field due to its aesthetic peculiarities, In many societies ceramics with inscriptions have been used in architecture and 3 dimensional forms.

In the 20th century lettering has turned in to a visual material, besides the messages it carries became a design element in the contemporary ceramic art, in this aspect. The techniques of transforming  inscriptions into design elements as a source of inspiration, and the effects of inscriptions on the whole design as a visual material has been a wide approach in the contemporary art and design. The effect of expressions carrying type writing and handwriting interpretations by artists is making the art works more impressing with the aesthetic value and form diversity

This can be determined as a new interdisciplinary medium to design 3 dimensional forms or surfaces from ceramics, combined with graphical effects set letters free and render voluminous. The aesthetic values added by these typographic and calligraphic letterings on ceramics by means of the diverse techniques contribute to contemporary art today.

Letterings for ceramic design bring together developing new techniques in a way of inspiration as writing excites distinct feelings. Art becomes more enthusiaistic by the use of letters as a miscellaneous element of design. It is very exciting to transform a communication tool into a design element.

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DSCN7326 DSCN7278

DSC00355  nestle

Untitled-4 copy Untitled-3 copy

DSCN6047 DSCN6049 DSCN6183  DSCN6490 DSCN6492 DSCN5961DSCN5785 DSCN5957  DSCN5965 DSCN5977

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