my philosophy


Sleeping is an inevitable activity of our life. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping.

Pillows are respected as important objects to support the head of a sleeping person in daily life activities. The concept of sleeping-pillows go back in the past with various perceptions in different cultures.

While sleeping on a soft pillow is perceived as provider of comfortable sleep and rest in the West, they are believed to rob the vitality of human body in the Far East. Therefore, while very comfortable and soft pillows are being used in the West, characteristic hard materials such as ceramic and wood have been used for pillow production to preserve vitality of the body in the Far East culture, starting in China from 7th century Tang Dynasty. By means of this use, ceramic has received a new extent as a material at those dates. Designed for everybody exclusively, ceramic pillows have special colors and forms in different periods with different features and they are being displayed in the museums carefully with their aesthetic beauty that compete with each other. For me each carries a symbolic meaning by means of the unique shapes and decorations.

Reflecting the mentality of Chinese apprehension, still we can see extensions of this believe. The ceramic artists who assimilate this thought, use the ceramic pillows conceptually and get influence in their artistic interpretations.

From past to future this tradition provided me to widen my perspective thinking on the pillows. These magical art objects carried me to a point to think different by means of material and pillow shape. Ceramic has been used as a material to keep a resting person awake and I get inspired by and get influence in their artistic interpretations Thus I commemorate the ancient perception and a particular form of sleeping and pillows and reflect a spiritual sense showing that concept of pillow is being carried to a psychological offer of nature including the human dreams and fantasies in the mental extent. Conceptually I started to think about slleping, dreams, nightmares and try to make new presentations of pillows reflecting my interpretataional ideas on this subject. It is a real contradiction: pillow and such a hard material: ceramics. Just a representataion by means of form excluding the function. I lijke this suprising effect. Giving impression as if it is soft, carrying different stories, traces from life.

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